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Every baby is precious in its own right, but to us our daughter is the most prescious child that ever was. First and foremost because she is ours and we love and adore her more than life. Secondly we waited so long for her.

IVF can be described in many ways good and bad. All true. We were lucky after a first fresh cycle failed a second frozen cycle a year or so later was a success. Nine months later our beautiful daughter was born. We were (and are) incredibly lucky.

Six months or so after her birth we are STILL amazed by her. We are also sleep deprived and living in what feels like a hovel. Sleeping is not a distant memory as our daughter lulled us into a false sense of security by sleeping through for two whole months. Then she stopped. When she stopped sleeping, I stopped sleeping, which has had a knock on effect on everything including the state of our once lovely home.

My husband has no time for cleaning between working full time and studying for an Open University degree. Only two more weeks and he’ll be done. For good. I can’t wait. He’s been studying part time for 6 years. In that time we got engaged, got married, moved house, tried and failed for a baby, tried and failed for a baby using IVF, tried and succeeded with IVF had a fairly straightforward pregnancy if you ignore the Gestational Diabetes and had a successful birth. And that’s just on the personal level.

It’s been a busy six years! Or so I thought, the last six months has proven that actually we weren’t really that busy we just thought we were. Parenthood is definitely a learning curve and I’m loving every minute of it! One day if I’m very lucky I’ll get to experience it again and our daughter will get a sibling. However, I’m not dwelling on this. While I want more children well there are probably going to be problems. So we will wait and see what happens at some point in the future.

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