Today has been a really long day! I can’t emphasize enough quite how long a day it has been. It started sometime Tuesday morning. Early Tuesday morning. It is now midnight Wednesday night. In that time I’ve had no more than a light doze. Babies are cruel types. At least mine are. I thought I was sleep deprived before Ash was born, what did I know?

Now for the most part I manage four or five hours here and there not brilliant but not bad with an infant and a toddler in the house. Last night I managed zero sleep, zero. To be fair this was not all the baby’s fault. She started screaming crying after every feed and looked as if she was in pain. I suspect trapped wind I generally have awful trouble getting the child to burp but have no proof that this was (is?) the issue. After I finally got her down, sometime in the early hours of Wednesday you’d think I’d have collapsed into bed, but no not me. Being an anxious type I then spent hours lying in bed listening to her breathe and kept springing out of bed as it sounded as if she was in pain. So no sleep for me. I don’t do well with babies in my room. I remember the same happening with Mems. It was the best thing when she moved to her own room, I was still getting disturbed sleep but the actual sleep time was sooooo much better quality. At least after the initial shock to the system of her being so much further away.

Luckily there’s not been a huge amount happening recently and it’s not like I have to drive anywhere. Thank goodness. It would probably be highly unsafe for everyone involved really. My main issue is if things don’t improve tonight the husband is working tomorrow, from home admittedly, but still I can’t rely on him to take Mems while I take care of Ash (divide and conquer is basically off the cards) I’ll be out numbered by two small people who’ve had significantly more sleep than me! This can’t be a good thing. OK they always get more sleep than me but technically I don’t need as much as them so I’m good. It’s just some sleep and no sleep are poles apart. Who knew?

Currently Ash is sleeping on me. I can hear the gas in her belly and every now and again she moves about which makes me nervous of putting her down before the optimum moment. If said moment ever comes. If I can get her to go down for more than a few minutes I might even fit in an hour or two of sleep. I really hope.

Wish me luck! I will need it.