So back in March when I last remembered to blog I mentioned our possible Covid-19 diagnosis (we still don’t know if we had it or not and probably never will so far as I can see). I also mentioned in the blog previous to that that I had a new temporary job as a School Admin. Covid made this an interesting experience – I worked a grand total of 1 week (or 3 days as it was a part time position) before having to self-isolate due to symptoms. When our self-isolation period was up lockdown had started and that was that, I was now technically working from home. For weeks the school basically forgot about me, not that you can blame them. I wasn’t technically doing administration work directly for the school but rather for the SCITT programme that was run from that particular school. As the SCITT director was also a deputy head at the school they had bigger problems to deal with like working out how to educate kids from a distance while also keeping the key workers children in school. This worked out well as the nursery obviously closed and my husband had to work from home. After Easter I was kind of working from home but not anywhere near as many hours as my contract asked for, now I have no idea if this is because my tasks were different to what they’d usually be or if I’m just ultra-efficient. The husband and I swapped the toddler as needed.

Now I loved working from home, the husband hates it. Although I suspect a lot of this is down to Mems being at home and not having dedicated office space. Sometimes he worked on the bed sometimes he worked in the shed. Neither of these are ideal to be honest. Especially as Mems knew he was there and wanted to see him. Things got worse towards the end of my pregnancy as I was horribly uncomfortable and was suffering hugely from insomnia. As a result I found it all really difficult and kept calling on the husband for help with various things. Mostly nappy changes and tantrums. I do believe we have entered the terrible twos months early. 😭 There are no sleeping tantrums, tv tantrums, not being allowed adult things tantrums, no chocolate tantrums and so on and so on. There are innumerable tantrums all varied and all difficult. Most caused by a lack of daytime naps which she gave up ages ago and we can’t seem to enforce at all three quarters of the time.

Now for the biggest change in our lives. Baby has arrived. We shall call her Baby Ash. Mems was truly unimpressed when we came home with a new baby in tow. In fact I’d go so far as to say she was truly disgusted. To the point she was actually closing her eyes and refusing to look at Ash each time she was mentioned. This was probably not helped by being dragged from her bed in the middle of the night then being thrown at my Uncle and Aunt who live locally before her parents sped off into the night as fast as the husband dared. Baby Ash moved quickly once she decided to make an entrance, we barely had twenty minutes in the hospital. We even picked up a police car and managed to get blue lighted to the hospital on request. The husband was and is truly thrilled. If this child ever gets married this will make the Father of the Bride speech! This I know.

Thankfully Mems has gotten over her shock and is actually showing some interest in young Ash. Especially her ears for some reason. She will also give her the odd cwtch so it looks as if she’s going to if not like, put up with a small sister at least. Her liking for nursery has also improved big time since Ash has arrived. I think she’s so thrilled to get away for a bit even nursery isn’t all that bad in comparison.

Now for the final and most stressful change. Mems has decided now is the perfect time to rebel against her nappies. So as of Saturday we are potty training. I mean we would’ve soonish anyhow but I’d prefer to have waited until baby was a bit older and everything was slightly calmer at home. A newborn and a toddler who’s sleep is very hit and miss at the best of time doesn’t lead to the best nights sleep for Mami and Dadi. So the zombie parents (Dadi in particular) being daft in their sleepless state went “well we might as well just potty train now!” So the past few days have seen us and our floors, and thankfully not the baby, covered in all sorts of bodily excrement. It has not been fun. And I will get my revenge on the husband. On the plus side the husband has had to take the lead on this due to a cluster feeding baby. Oh well, terrible shame and all that. 🤷‍♀️ Plus it’s all his fault! Luckily there is some progress, there were only two accidents today. Stickers and being allowed to play with a giant Lego Saturn V seems to help. Bribery is the way forwards with Potty Training apparently. Also huge amounts of cheering and clapping. And laundry. Oh the laundry.

Anyhow this has been our life the last 6 months or so. What the next 6 months brings? Who knows? What with babies and toddlers and Covid – could be anything really! It shouldn’t be boring anyhow.