So we’ve been in isolation since the weekend due to the toddler coughing. Now I’ve got a temperature and a cough. The husband has the beginnings of a cough. Now I suspect this isn’t Covid-19 but a cold or possibly the flu, mostly because I have a runny nose and sneeze every now and again. But it could be Covid-19, we are a house of plague. Stay away. Save yourselves.

Also the toddler seems fine today. She’s mostly grumpy because her father is working from home and her mother is just lying there dying. So both parents present and correct – excellent. Not one parent paying real attention to her games this is just wrong. Though her hide and seek while on the boob is masterful. Blankets over the face have the power of utter invisibility and apparently numbs my ability to feel as well. I love the way toddlers think.

Then there’s my Covid-19 conspiracy theory. It’s all toddler led. They’re taking out the adults one disease at a time. Disease factories the lot of them. Snotty kisses, cuddles the lot. It’s all pre-planned. And look suddenly the nurseries are closed and they get to spend all day with the parents. Conspiracy.

So I actually wrote this a few days ago but forgot to hit publish. Since then I got quite ill, tight chest the lot. The husband still hasn’t got it properly he’s had a milder version of whatever this is thankfully as Patient Zero in our house is absolutely fine and full of beans both of us being properly ill would’ve been interesting. It’s not like we can call on any outside help with things as they are.

Anyhow Friday the husband decided enough is enough and made me call the midwife as I’d had a temperature for days, she told me to phone 111 who decided I was probably ill enough to be seen by a Covid-19 unit except there isn’t one in this area, they then told me to phone the GP who did a video consultation and decided that as all of us had symptoms the chances are that we have this stupid virus. Of course we don’t actually know one way or the other whether we’ve had it or not. So I’m still going to have to maintain self-isolation for 12 weeks. Pregnancy apparently makes you high risk. Who knew!?

Anyhow Mothers Day 2020 is a bit different to 2019. We’re stuck in the house quarantined. I did however get a home made card (ok my husband did most of it, the one year old apparently got bored of scribbling with crayons quite quickly) but I love it! On the plus side my chest doesn’t feel quite as bad today, I’m breathing easier and everything, still have a high temperature but still a good sign I think! I can breathe!