So we may have gone overboard with buying books for the one year old. Seriously she has a cupboard full and every now and again I discover one I’ve somehow missed like Chris Hadfield’s The Darkest Dark.

Now in case you’ve been living at the bottom of a swamp for the past few years Chris Hadfield is a Canadian astronaut – the one who played guitar and sang Space Oddysey in space. Just in case you have been living at the bottom of a swamp and just came up for air I point you towards YouTube so you can see for yourselves…

Chris Hadfield Space Odyssey

He’s an interesting chap we even went to hear him speak in Oxford a couple of years ago (my husband has a space obsession – to the point he studies about it with the OU in his spare time). He’s written a few books – I’ve not read them, leaning more towards fiction myself!

Then I read The Darkest Dark – it’s the story of a small boy (Chris Hatfield himself) who loves playing astronaut and is afraid of the dark. Because aliens. It’s the story of a night when his parents decide he HAS to sleep in his own bed. (Boy do I sympathise and I only have a one year old in my bed for half the night). They try all sorts, from checking his room for aliens to giving him a bell to ring if he’s nervous – note to self this is an awful idea – nothing works until he is threatened with being “too tired to go next door tomorrow” . It turns out next door is where the only television on Stag Island resides and where all of the neighbours have turned out to watch the moon landing! That night Chris has an epiphany of sorts and realises the dark is a place where you can dream big, the book ends with the realisation that dreams can come true.

There are levels to this book – from simply not needing to be afraid of the dark, the benefits of sleeping in your own room and of course a real episode in a boys life. The thing is I really enjoyed it (despite reading it a dozen times last week – not quite as many time as 10 Little Dinosaurs but still) I may even have to get round to reading his grown up books now. They’re about somewhere – the husband definitely has them!