Well here we are 2020; the teens are behind us and how things have changed. January 2010 was only three months in to my first professional library job. It was incredibly interesting and incredibly boring in equal measure. I stayed there for 5 years, before moving to England to live with my then fiancee, now husband. Professionally I haven’t been above a year in any job since. I’m a bit disappointed with myself for that, especially as it means that – fast forward to now – finding a sensible, paying part time role to fit around the baby is much more difficult than it needs to be.

Therefore one of my main aims for this year is to find a job. Fingers crossed I’ll find something interesting as well as something with okay pay. Yes, I’m after the impossible. But hey ho, it’s good to have something to aim for.

My other aim is to (Please, God) teach the one year old to sleep! I am not and never have been a good sleeper, but this level of sleep deprivation is too much. Last night I was daft and stayed up til nearly one. The one year old got up at one and didn’t go back to sleep until nearly 5. Today has been a generally lazy day in our household as a result.

That’s it; those are my new years’ resolutions. Not sure you can call them resolutions as such, as there’s no guarantee of success. However I resolve to try my level best. Who knows, I might be lucky? Maybe?

I wonder what the new decade has in store for us? A niece or nephew for definite – roll on April. Maybe one day a sibling for the one year old. Maybe if we’re really lucky a sibling who likes sleep! I mean, I doubt it, but you never can tell. Hopefully without the IVF and accompanying cost and stress. Okay, that’s probably impossible, but a girl can dream. Of course it may be that I’m truly insane; I mean, I’m barely sleeping now – why do I want to compound that? For some weird reason that’s exactly what I’m after!

Anyhow baby steps, my aim for tonight is to get the baby down (hopefully not too late), have my dinner and go to bed! Maybe read a bit or watch another episode of The Crown Series 3!? We’ll see. But definitely early bed tonight!