So I read the first of these books in the early part of our life with baby. I remember being hooked up to a breast pump (which I gave up sooner rather than later as I got so little out it felt like my time not feeding the baby could be spent doing something more constructive – like eating or sleeping) laughing out loud at some of the irreverent anecdotes in the book!

Now I had no idea that the Unmumsy Mum had written a second book but there I was one day a week or two ago wandering around the random aisle in Aldi. I find this aisle and the middle of Lids aisle all kinds of wonderful! They’re just so weird. I do wander down just to see what randomness awaits. Sometimes it’s buyable sometimes not so much. The other day The Unmumsy Mum Diary was sat there. Having enjoyed her first book I thought I’d give it a bash.

And yes her second book is brilliant as well. So much laughing. During both books I’d quote random passages out loud at my husband. Well it’s his own fault he kept asking me why I laughed. Now these books are relatable when I only have Mems. I’d imagine if we ever had another they,d be doubly so. Mems may not have reached toddlerdom or school age yet but I can so see these times coming. I have friends with kids this age I know what’s waiting for me!

To conclude if you know anything about children (not necessarily your own) these are such fun books. They’re the sort of book I’d have devoured in one sitting once upon a time!