Now I read about this in a couple of places and suddenly remembered about it again today. I think I should try to partake just to get my reading back up to the usual levels. Or as close to my usual levels as Mems will allow. It’s not as if I can just sit down and read for hours on end these days. Mems most definitely will not stand for that, however I can snatch the odd five minutes here and there throughput the day. If I’m lucky. On a bad day this is unlikely to happen. But anyhow here goes….

Now looking through these I think I can get through them. We’ll see. Now my first question is how long is summer? This was published on Goodreads in May was that the beginning of summer? When does it end? Beginning of September maybe?

Then I have to decide what to read when. I mean I read for fun not the intellectual thrill of it. Though other people seem to think that as I read a lot I am well-read…

Problems I’m foreseeing – Short and Sweet – reading any book in one go is difficult at the moment. Can I just read a book I would normally read in one go but due to baby being baby just can’t? Also a Want to Read shelf. This implies my books have been organised. I mean I know I’m a librarian but that’s only professionally at home my books are anywhere and everywhere. Also mixed in with the husbands books.

I’m trying to decide whether the next step is to look at the few books I’ve read recently and see if they fit in or start a new challenge from now. Decisions, decisions.

Whatever I decide the next step is sleep before Mems wakes me up again.