Sorry, but it’s got to be said. Summer is a truly awful time of year, especially when the weather is like this. Muggy and hot and horrible, and apparently it’s going to get hotter by the end of the week. Urgh! Me I’m a spring and autumn kind of girl. I can get behind that weather. Even winter and the constant rain is better. I’d die if I ever had to live in a truly hot country!

Last year during the heat wave I was pregnant and I could not buy a single fan anywhere. I mean ANYWHERE. I tried everywhere in Salisbury. Even the internet had run out of fans. It was chaos out there. This year I have ordered them ahead of time. Theoretically we should have them Wednesday. Amazon Prime do your thing.

This year I have a seven month old who has suddenly (as in now, this evening, today) decided sleeping in her cot is a bad idea and that she must absolutely sleep on me. Now as I mentioned earlier I do not like the heat, so having another human, albeit a tiny one like Mems laying spreadeagled over me is a bit much. I mean she’s sweating, I’m sweating it’s seriously not the weather for cwtches* but what am I meant to do. She desperately needs sleep. So do I come to that and apparently I’m designated sleeping spot for the time being. So far I have put her in her cot asleep four times, the first time she slept for 45 minutes, each subsequent time she woke immediately her head touched the bottom of the cot. Now to try for a fifth time… Success it’s only 4 hours since I started putting her to bed!

*For the uninitiated a cwtch is sort of a hug, sort of a cuddle, and is truly the crème de la crème of human contact. Ask your Welsh friends, they’ll know what I’m talking about.