Book reviews aren’t my forte however I’m very opinionated on what I like and dislike. What the Wind Knows by Amy Harmon was amazing. It had a bit of everything. Love, drama, war, history, time travel, family. It was all there between the covers of this book, well I say covers I actually read it on my phone, on the Kindle app, in dribs and drabs while feeding the baby, or while she was sleeping. In days gone by this would have been a book to finish in a sitting or two. This time it’s taken me a good few days.

I’m not going to go into the content too deeply but suffice to say modern day woman ends up going back in time, not intentionally, to the times of the Irish Troubles where she finds her orphaned Grandfather who believes she is his mother and falls in love with the doctor who raised him as his own, before, once again unintentionally returning to modern day Ireland, pregnant with said doctors child. Some of the great men of Irish history appear in the story most prominently perhaps Michael Collins.

This book has made me want to research a bit more about Michael Collins and his colleagues who I barely know anything about. It’s also made me want to look up more of Amy Harmon’s books. I always like it when I find a new author.