I’m amazed the longest day of the year is here already. We are half way through the year and young Mems is very nearly 7 months old. It’s gone so quickly. On the shortest day last year she was barely a month old and was still all crumpled as newborn babies tend to be. She basically spent her time sleeping and eating sometimes both. This is still a talent of hers when on the boob, it’s quite impressive and I’m really rather jealous. She can sit and play now, she’ll pull herself up onto her feet using our fingers, then toddle! She sleeps a lot less now as well, I mean A LOT less. I had three hours (broken) sleep last night. So today not only IS the longest day it really feels like it as well.

It’s also the first properly nice day we’ve had for a while. So I’ve got loads of laundry drying on the line and I’ve put up the sun tent in the garden so Mems and I can lounge about in the fresh air but not burn. Always important in my opinion.

I’ve even somehow fit in some reading this week, a miracle I know. I read Aftershocks by Marko Kloos which was really good. Sci-Fi so more my husbands thing than mine but it was free so I thought I’d try it.* Dystopian worlds many years in the future after a war where the aggressor planet ended up paying huge retributions. Really made me think of post-WW1 Germany. With soldiers from the other planets stationed there constantly etc. Things start heating up again some 5 years after the war ended and I really want to know what happens next except the sequel doesn’t come out until next summer!😭

I’ve also started reading What the Wind Knows by Amy Harmon. Again not my usual sort of reading but again really good. I’ve only read a few chapters and I’m already intrigued. It starts in modern day America and ends up in early 20th Century Ireland a few years after the Easter Rising. It makes me want to know more. I’ve always loved Ireland, possibly because of its kinship with Wales, up to and including the weather which is surprisingly similar. That is basically damp. Wales and Ireland get a lot of damp weather!

*The Amazon Prime first books thing is awesome! I’ve got a really random collection of books through it, also through The Times subscription which I was eventually forced to cancel as we never had time to read it, I do however still have the books on my Kindle ready to go when I have time.

It’s nice to read again even if it’s only in fits and starts.