Today is my husband’s first Father’s Day. He doesn’t see the point of Father’s Day so we kept things simple. Mems bought him a book and a card – not bad for a nearly seven month old. She even got a book he’d be interested in (he loves space), unfortunately I think she underestimated his reading age and bought him a board book, that or she just fancied it herself.

We also visited a local(ish) museum. The Army Flying Museum. It was pretty good, if expensive when we could only spend a couple hours there. Luckily they had a Dad’s go free policy so it was only £14 instead of £28. Mems was not as big of a fan as she was of the zoo, understandably. She did however behave very well for the couple of hours we were there. My only quibble with the place was the bathrooms, or at least the ones we visited. The only changing table was in the ladies. 1. This is the 21st century men should be able to do basic parenting tasks if they want to and 2. This is the sort of museum I can see the husband taking Mems without me. What would he have done then? Can you imagine the fuss if he’d attempted to use the ladies? Should he have changed the baby on the bathroom floor? 🤢

Oddly enough when I got home I came across an article about how Pampers are installing 5000 baby changing facilities in gents toilets across the US as a direct result of the #SquatforChange campaign. It made me wonder how bad the situation is in the UK. We’ve not had many family days out yet, however I think I might keep my eyes out in future just to see.

Update: I posted a Google Review about the changing facilities. Turns out they actually do have changing facilities in the gents just in a different part of the museum to where we were. I feel bad now!