This time it’s the baby monitor. We’ve spent all week at my parents so we took the baby monitor with us as we need to be able to hear Mems if she wakes up, which she does, with depressing regularity. Usually when I’m just about to drop off. How does she KNOW?

Anyhow here we are back in our little house with only half a baby monitor. Just what we need. To be fair we have a fairly small house so the baby monitor isn’t exactly essential if we don’t close any doors but at the same time I like to close doors. It means we can do things without worrying we’re going to wake the baby. Oh well I’m sure we’ll manage for a few days. Another excuse for a trip to Wales, or I can get the parents to post it perhapsšŸ¤” it’s only half the monitor and not even the star projector bit. We’ll see how desperately we need it after a few days…!

Can I still blame this on baby brain? I’m sure I read somewhere it lasts for a year after baby is born. That or just basic lack of sleep, that is definitely something I can blame. I need something my brain is forgetting everything. I spoke to my brother yesterday, then said exactly the same thing to him ten minutes later… It’s getting concerning.

Mind you for the most part I didn’t pack so technically I could just blame the husband. Yes, let’s go with that it’s all the husbands fault. Nothing to do with me. Honest!