Terry Pratchett is probably one of my very favourite authors. I absolutely love his books. So when I heard that this particular one was going to be produced for Amazon Prime I was very excited. Especially as his co-author Neil Gaiman wrote the screen play and was heavily involved in the production of the series.

My husband and I have been watching the series in dribs and drabs all week ever since it’s release on Friday. I say dribs and drabs as our daughter has the amazing ability to sense when we sit down to enjoy ourselves. There are only 6 episodes and yet we have not seen a single one without an impromptu milk break. The worst was this evening – ten minutes before the end of the final episode. I couldn’t believe it. We were nearly there… By the time she’d finally gone back to sleep and we’d watched the final ten minutes it was midnight. I don’t voluntarily do midnight any more, I rarely did before you Mems was born but now intentionally staying awake is just daft. That perhaps more than anything shows how much I enjoyed Good Omens.

While I was excited to see Good Omens I didn’t have the highest expectations. Most of the Pratchett adaptations I’ve seen don’t measure up in my eyes. This one did. Perhaps it’s because for the most part it’s based in our world as opposed to the Discworld I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because there’s a good while since I’ve read Good Omens so I couldn’t remember it well enough to go well that’s not how I imagined it or what about that bit, that was a good bit that was.

It was excellently acted and the kid who played Adam aka The Antichrist was exceptional. You expect good acting from David Tennant and the like but Sam Taylor Buck had eerie down to a fine art!

I now have to track down the book and re-read it. To find the flaws. It’s rare that a book adaptation measures up, but this one just might.

Good Omens info on IMDB