I love cake. Cake is important – it marks Occasions! I’ve seen and had some cracking cakes over the years but by far my favourite was our wedding cake. We had a stack of books as we both have what could be classed as a book problem. It was a mix of real titles and made up titles. Each title had a special meaning for us! Whether it was a fictional novel, a text book or a made up book. Everything meant something. Even the two iced mugs with tea in represented us beautifully – we do drink a lot of tea in our family.

Today we went to see the cake lady again and ordered a new cake. This cake is for our daughters christening. It will be a three tier cake in primary colours (books again) with her name etc on it. Some of her favourite toys will also be present on the cake! There’ll be Millie the lamb and Geraldine the giraffe as well as some wooden blocks and a soft baby book. I’m so excited to see this cake! Our wedding cake was fabulous so the christening cake will hopefully be the same!

Millie the lamb
Geraldine the Giraffe